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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 22, 2019 8:30am-9:00am EST

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u.s. war on terror sits here right here at home. and one of the many ways it manifests itself on the home front is through the terrorist screening database or as it's colloquially known the terror watch list yes the terror watch list is the fischel highly secretive tool of the u.s. government in its plethora of alphabet security agencies to keep track of and screen for any and all known or potential terrorists within trying to get into the united states and naturally like most things the u.s. war on terror touches it's a magnet for controversy and abuse of individual rights especially against muslim americans of middle eastern descent like the time someone put a baby yes a baby on the terrorist watch lists. so dangerous incidents like this and the difficulties faced by those unjustly placed on the list to travel perform financial transactions and interact with law enforcement are behind
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numerous lawsuits in the recent constitutional challenge brought by the council on american islamic relations to the government's use of this notorious list and it's because of these lawsuits that this week after years and years and years of insistence by the u.s. government that the watch list was never shared outside of government hands it was never shared with the private sector now the federal government has acknowledged that it shares its terrorist watch list with more than fourteen hundred private entities including hospitals and universities. but remember. we are supposed to always trust and never question the integrity of our security state. and this my friends is why we must always always be watching the hawks. with. them.
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but they like you that i got. with. the. welcomer on the watching the i robot and i'm to have a law and. fan not on the terrorist watch list. oh is that you could be i could be you could learn everything i'm arianna finds out last time terrified at last but probably not that. this admission by the government just blows my mind i mean actually you know the lawyers for care got to co-counsels leave him was masry carolyn romero they actually those lawyers at the council american islamic relations they want to read you the questions that they put what
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this admission does they put this in a brief years what they said and these are the questions they're now asking our universities taking to be the terrorist database status into account making admissions or disciplinary decisions are in noble alexandro hospitals building security personnel screening visitors against the t s d b and denying entry to listees is motorola screening its software engineers to work on cellular infrastructure infrastructure equipment against the t s d b m firing listees if they were it raises such a. mess of snakes in the nest it's incredible to me the now oh yeah we actually have been been sharing this with with certain you know university is or yeah they've been is about nature i'm not shocked i'm not shocked to find gambling on the sabbath. so here. because they've been lying about the terrorist watch list and also a lie because they flat out lied about the terrorist watch list on a number of occasions even as late as last september and that's when i. government
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lawyer dave roth told a u.s. district judge that the terrorist screening center quote does not work with private partners and that watchlist status itself is considered law enforcement sensitive information and is not shared with the public right are you now or you ever been collecting. data on millions are millions of americans so. definitely not doing it and you know we were joking earlier about you know are you on the list of my on the list but the no one knows like who is on the list and how many people are on the list no not at all because the exact number is kept secret by the government to give even tell if you are on the list and even find out what went even about it that's why you're seeing all of these lawsuits because usually people find out after the fact if suddenly oh i can't fly why you're on the list.
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before september eleventh in two thousand when the u.s. government had a list of sixteen people that were on the no fly list sixteen. according to the a.c.l.u. the inspector general the justice department reported that the terrorist screening center that makes this list how do over seven hundred thousand names in its database as of april two thousand and seven and that the list was growing out of the average of over twenty thousand records per month. per month and all of them terrorists. come on babies eight year olds this is ridiculous. there's nothing worse than having our positions or assets stolen from you but what happens when they're stolen by law enforcement regardless of the crime you may or may not have committed for years many of called the act of civil forfeiture by law enforcement as a form of government condoned robbery many of soon police departments and other agencies over this controversial practice and now the supreme court has finally weighed in from new york city artie's train travis has more. the decision could
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limit the ability of police to seize property from criminal suspects but in recent years law enforcement authorities have dramatically increased their use of civil forfeiture when police seize property from people accused of crimes the proceeds from the sale often go directly to the agency that took it so for some local sources is a big source of revenue therefore excessive fines are often imposed but usually the practice leads to low income defendants furtherance of poverty crime or prison according to the american bar association nearly two thirds of prisoners have little prospect of paying the fines back after their release the a.c.l.u. said in a statement imposing monetary penalties that bury people under mountains of accumulating debt has devastating consequences on individuals families and entire communities particularly low income communities of color the ruling comes after justice ruth bader ginsburg who just returned to the bench wrote the opinion in favor of tyson
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tens of marion indiana saying protection against excessive punitive economic sanctions secured by the clause is both fundamental to our scheme of ordered liberty and deeply in this nation's history and tradition in two thousand and thirteen police seized his forty thousand dollar land rover after he was arrested for selling four hundred dollars of heroin he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year of house arrest the faced no prison time before his case had reached the supreme court the judge originally ruled that the seizure was disproportionate to the severity of the crime which carries a maximum fine of ten thousand dollars the case through interest from both liberal groups concerned about police abuses and conservative organizations opposed to excessive regulation timms was represented by the libertarian public interest law firm institute for justice sam a lawyer with the institute said the decision is an important first step to curtailing the potential for abuse that we see in civil forfeiture nationwide
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although thames pleaded guilty and served no prison time. he is still fighting for the return of his car he still has one more round left in court to try to do that the ruling sets new guidelines that the eight amendments ban on excessive fines doesn't fact apply to states and local governments which means they will have a property value limits on what they can seize and that limit already applies to the federal level reporting in new york from it each of us are to. move toward the civil forward years of the show. most people know you are wildly. this is good i mean this is the thing to give people stuff it's just not and when you look at what these things are used for yes some of these police departments use them for equipment and things like that but a lot of them are just using them for fun stuff one hired a clown. walked he took somebody thousand paid for use the money to hire a clown for a party. the two hundred seventeen research by the southern poverty law center just
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to understand how big how this nine out of ten of these civil forfeiture. are uncontested mostly because you're talking about people who are low lower income or don't have the amount to go and fight them on this so infidel it philadelphia particularly they did a study and they found that over three hundred homes per year are are seized and that they found that black americans make up sixty three percent of those home seizures and seventy one percent of cash forfeitures. unaccompanied by a conviction manning seventy one percent of stuff that was taken with no crime being having been committed they never got it back those are african-americans even though they make up only forty four percent of the population in philadelphia. and you see that in cities across and across across that this is really something that goes to minorities and i like that the libertarians got involved and i feel like
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the libertarians could really if they were. that idea of people who really believe that life liberty is like that idea those people should really be in those communities with minority communities and a lot of the oppressed because they could literally help that community so much getting back some of what they have lost yeah you know that's one of the biggest commute like you said this one the biggest communities affected by this kind of thing i mean look at this in march of twenty seventeen report the part of the justice office of the inspector general found that fifty six of one hundred drug enforcement administration forfeiture cases examined there was no discernible connection between the seizure and the advancement of law enforcement efforts it's literally just stealing it so that it's left it's the law enforcement coming and saying we're taking this from you regardless if you are guilty of the crime or if you're eventually let go we're just take it because you know you can't buy it good for the supreme court eight to nothing decision yes i want to make that clear this is not a partisan this is not one of those things everyone left right and center agrees the government should not be allowed to steal your stuff from camping out against.
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it. and now for a quick update as the way turns yes the ongoing political soap opera drama between the troubled ministration and chinese why telecommunications equipment has been making headlines in the latest plot twist u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o fresh off his european don't use a way to or made his interesting admission made this interesting admission of her being asked by fox business news host maria bartiromo about why so many european countries are jumping on this bandwagon declared quote some of it's just plain old economics the system that shows up from hallway is tent allies ing they offer really good economic deals to those countries that looks cheap. rate so pump a zero is upset that huawei. a company in a communist nation is doing better at capitalism that american yes that would be. huawei. the way new york when i was in a classic moments in history
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a tab that we're witnessing where you have two competing you know major huge nations basically fighting over who gets the telecommunication infrastructure that they can use to spy on everybody right when you go to them they're all going to do it. who gets the spy on your own just silly that are out there that are all right and it has to go to break card watchers don't predict the. topics with covered i'm faced with you tube and twitter. dot com coming up we round up. with author richard mitchell and then we discover a pretty extraordinary little fishies you don't want to miss this they prove what you told us. we will not be judged by what we said we will be judged by what we give to our
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children we must accept responsibility for the six nations and make sure that we fix them for the sake of the future looking behind us and believing that the clue is gone. we must have a new generation of people who will see countries for the rest of the future and that's what it is the real thing. as night follows day all paper money becomes worthless and that's the history of the last three hundred years and gold has survived and now big client is synthetic gold or new gold or gold to point out except that it. has this enormous black hole in the currency space all the up money will be converted into a big point the dollar a year. drop. let's leave the buyers don't get to the slums you want to. look at all the distribution
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they. want what. you see in the film which that's been in the book nobody. really believes the answer to. your the young boy. and i won't be able to get a little. lower. this year saw agricultural chemical giant month center to take a massive hit when a california school groundskeeper wayne johnson took on the corporate giant and won
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a landmark case against them johnson's lawyer successfully argued that the groundskeepers non hodgkins lymphoma was caused by years and years of being exposed to the chemicals contained and months santo's cornerstone we round up the success of this case open the floodgates of similar lawsuits over a round up in the controversial use of the chemical guy for sate and now there are rumors that retail giant cosco may on officially discontinue the sale of roundup and its stores while monsanto is far from being knocked out the company is stumbling and this is primarily due not only to mr johnson's lawsuit but years and years of hard work by both scientists and activists to bring the dangers of gleick for say into the light of public scrutiny author and viral mental activist and poet mitchell cohen has documented this long hard and what its future may hold welcome. thank you very much it's a pleasure to show you the book is yes and to. it's
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a pleasure having you on michel i want to ask by now many of heard or at least oh are aware of the dangers of life or say and it's you sitting around a but when you look at the history of this long fight and where it stands today what do you feel people still misunderstand or are completely unaware of in regards to proceed round up in them sancho. but i think a lot of people regular people understand that they're being poisons and they what revealed in the lawsuit by the wayne johnson who's a real hero of the movement is that. there are thousands of people who. been lied to over the years all of us the governments the companies they all lied and they all knew it they all knew about the dangers of glyphosate and round up before and now it's coming out that round up even has arsenic in it and it's just coming out now and
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a researcher in france several leni has done some research on that and is putting it out there and it's amazing so we're being poisoned not only in. the crops in the mon-el cropping and the genetically engineered crops but also the using the life of say here in new york city for cosmetic reasons to kill weeds and why are they doing that. the reason which people don't really know about is that the new york city parks department laid off over eighty percent of the workers over the past ten years they used to work and weed by hand and now so they decided to do a chemical approach to replace the workers who are used to weed by hand so there's a labor dimension to this as well as an economic dimension as well as an environmental dimension that cuts across all these different lines and categories.
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really and there's also a new york we've been sprayed here in new york for us since the one nine hundred ninety nine and yet i see that mayor former mayor giuliani is now the advisor to the legal advisers at the trials but it was giuliani who poisoned the entire city. through the help of the office of emergency management which later became the model for the homeland security and so everything comes right out and it's. really interesting you brought up the ninety nine nine hundred ninety nine spring because i moved to new york city in the fall of one nine hundred ninety nine and got out of a cab and my truck rolled past when they were trying to get rid of all the mosquitoes. i literally got sprayed in the face by this stuff and i wasn't healthy either with i had literally got a cold for a year and a fitting there was no a fire and that's very very dangerous yeah and to know if you were sprayed with glad to see that you're all right
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a lot of people aren't exactly being sprayed yeah and so we've always been this thing of we don't realize it till it's really right now our face now what made the campaign against life a safe because as you said you know i got sprayed in new york city got sprayed with other stuff we've all there's been a whole rounds of things being sprayed on us from one or the other but what made the campaign against good life was saved and months santos so unique in the history of these types of fights against big chemical companies. well a lot of people. came to learn about what was happening and the nurses union took an active role and a lot of different people across political lines that's what made it unique. across right left democrat republican independent greens they're all these rank and file people who are up against the huge corporations the pharmaceutical corporations like months and now just. to let you know that bayer bought monsanto for
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sixty two million dollars a billion dollars sorry this is the two billion dollars last year and why did they do that i'm trying to ask myself and everybody why they have nine thousand lawsuits now against monsanto for use of roundup and people have gotten sick and they're all starting to come up now in the courts so why did bayer take on these debts of months and well it turns out that marijuana is now about to be genetically engineered by monsanto they created a whole way of genetically engineering it to resist the sprays of the pesticides that they'll be spraying on it so we're going to be again genetically engineered marijuana. hoisin by the spray as well and that's what's coming out and that marijuana is suddenly passing as state after state which is good a lot of us fought for that for years but now there's another hidden agenda to it now i mean everybody's they've got to go after everything you know it's interesting
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when you look at these companies and the people that operate them in one of the questions that i always nags at me is is you know we know that a lot of this is greed most of it's greed making millions are not going to stop making millions or billions in the case of this but what amount of cognitive dissonance has to take place i mean they obviously at some point they have to know that the chemicals they're putting on the on the ground or you know in our cereals are things of that nature is dangerous to the public is it just cognitive dissonance are they you know i can't imagine it's just people toiling evil mustaches i mean why are they continuing to still continue go down this path of poisoning whether it's you know dow chemicals way or now monsanto. i think they know exactly what's going down they've known it for years and years they knew it from months at those creation of agent orange they know it from dupont and the different chemicals that they made for vietnam to fight in vietnam war and the
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sprayed all over and that's the pesticides used today were originally nerve gases and world war two and world war one even and so now where they know it they just can curse on the air today just they're just outrageous. fascists and they don't care about people and they don't care about and they try to convince people that we have have to do it we can't resist resistance is futile but it's not and people are showing them all around the world now that are rising up to try to reclaim it and it's not just about life or satan round up it's also about if we finally win on that they'll have another chemical in store the now you ready to combine which is the new chemical that they're about the spray of all over if it frowned up gets knocked out of the picture and there is an endless series we're on a treadmill and so what i try to do in the book which is to carry
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on the tradition of henry david thoreau and rachel carson and and bring it up to date into the movement using the new technologies which allows us to communicate with each other really quickly and help build an international movement against pesticides and against the chemical companies that are destroying this planet. or you know what do we do individually got a minute minute left and i don't know what does a person do obviously read your book but then every day as they're going on one of the things they can do to just avoid these chemicals that we know it's a long list of things nobody can pronounce and nobody knows what's in them how do we how do we keep ourselves as safe as possible as consumers. we're not going to be able to unfortunately unless we organize with other people in our communities and
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targets those outlets that carry the pesticides and carry the poisons and promote them so and fortunately for us there are targets everywhere there are banks everywhere that are funding them there are home depot and other places that carry the round up there are a million targets and it's just important to get together with people in your neighborhood and in your community and organize doesn't take much to organize and pick a target and go after it after and i mean boycott it pick it it set up a. twitter against it and set up a whole program in which people can go after these in their community and take on an international dimension so we can go after in other countries where the stuff is being manufactured as well as the cut in the united states and we could work with we could work with people there to do that from we could michel all over the world
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michel i want to thank you so much for the book and for your work in making the world a little bit safer a little bit healthier and you know bringing these companies down thank you so much for coming on today a pleasure michel cohen the book is the fight against those round up thank you so much for thank you. question tell me what you think about fish i mean we're taught in grade school but the difference between a mammal and efficient mammals give live birth right but british scientists and researchers recently found a stickleback fish they named mary in scotland's north west coast that decided she didn't need to lay her eggs that way for a male to fertilize them fisher was found with fertilized eggs inside of her developing as the stickleback fish is not equipped to give live birth a team performed assist their infection removing the fertilized egg fifty four of which then miraculously hatched three years later at least. why do you have mary's brood are still alive and breathing normally they're healthy and they show no deformities cudos to mary the miraculous to refuse to follow social or scientific
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norms to become the first known live delivery of offspring by f.a.'s in the world i mean imagine if all the ladies were independent like mary wow wow that's one of the cruelest stories i've ever heard now they're married stickleback the what a fish what if this. or a mammal what wash when you don't know it's really good to see like evolution kind of happening before before your eyes this is one of those moments that is very good good for your marriage good get a merry. little one that is ours strolled through the day with member everyone in this world we are not told that we are loved that enough so i tell you all. i am i roll over and i'm going to fall asleep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and night everybody. that
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. the sun. might just set up a set. is it. so there is a building. in the. in the lead in the dark was the one out of the money i don't know i don't want to well . this is really not yet one of them are. mr need to. whom. i don't know that they should post them here. in the world. and you know.
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this i don't. i have the or nurse to still again interview alister croaky is a former. and founder and director of conflict forms this time we will discuss the end of america's uniform. headers financial planning guide i don't find any i prize on my features. think it's not an almost frightening as the last of us buying from the future the trucker was kaiser. came here where did you were before you came here when you live. in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in
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favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up the right to live among us some even proven innocent years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. the law.
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concerns mounting the u.k. did it won't be able to honor its arms contracts with saudi arabia as germany refuses to lift a ban on supplying certain component parts to the gulf kingdom. come this town r.t. us keys to faking a hate crime against himself claim that he was assaulted by supporters had led to an outpouring of sympathy and support and anger at the president for supposedly praising tension venezuela's opposition leader to fire ban on u.s. state that is being stockpiled at the border and why it was promising to get him to deliver.


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